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Wine & Beer Consulting Services

EmageCraft is exactly what we do. We craft an Electronic Emage for your business and we help you assemble a fantastic selection of beer and wine for your bar or restaurant menu.

Every business has a forte and the same stands true for us. While we develop websites and marketing materials for a variety of businesses our main expertise is the wine and beer market.

Our 2 sommeliers have over 10 years of experience in working with distributors and operating wine bars in the Texas market. Today we still own 2 wine bars that operate under the name Wine 101.

Consulting Services we offer

  • Beer and Wine tasting and selection to match your budget
  • Beer & Wine menu design
  • Monthly Staff training
  • Monthly Beer & Wine tasting and new product search and replacement

How It Works

1. We meet with you initially to find out what your market target is your budget for wine and beer purchases are and study your food menu so we can pair beer and wine selections accordingly.

2. We do our own research on your market target and demographics. This will let us know what your customers prefer drinking and their spending habits.

3. We assemble a proposed wine and beer selection that will guarantee maximum return on your investment.

4. We establish relationships with wine and beer distributors and we schedule multiple tasting sessions at your establishment. This will help us determine the quality and price of your menu items.

5. We schedule 3 monthly training sessions with your staff so they can knowledgably sale and promote your product.

6. Once your menu items are established in the first month, we continue for 2 additional months of tasting and replacing items that are not selling as fast as they should. This includes training sessions with your staff for the new menu items.

This 3 month service will save you hundreds of hours of research, tasting appointments and staff training for a small one time cost of $3000.00

Continued Service

After your original 3 month contract has been fulfilled your may choose to take over your product selection, tasting and staff training or you may want to continue with our services in 3 months increments.

We will continue to select new and exciting products for you, to match new food menu items, we will continue to taste with the wine and beer distributors and train your staff.

This 3 month service will save you additional hours of research, tasting appointments and staff training for a small one time cost of $1500.00



Whether you are just starting out or an existing establishment, having a comprehensive well thought out wine and beer menu is essential to your success. Alcohol sales tend to represent 40 to 80 percent of the majority of bars and restaurants so finding the right product for all of your customers is a good way to produce sales with very little overhead and production costs.



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