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Customer Reviews of our work

Mr. Manea,

I am responsible for acquiring permit information for our fire suppression company.  We work statewide with city and county Fire Marshal's offices and code compliance departments.  I assure you there is no rhyme or reason for the different requirements from the "Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ's)".  Nor is there any rhyme or reason for how various city and county websites are designed.  Rather than providing easy to access information, most are quests for buried treasure.

The official website of the City of Leon Valley is without exception the finest website I have ever visited.  It is easy to navigate and locate the information necessary to acquire a permit.  It is obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into the product. 
Ideally, I wish there was some template used by all governmental agencies in the design and content of permit requirements, but the odds of that happening are remote indeed. The next best solution would be to let your company design all government websites.  I wish you success.  

Thank you for exceptionally fine website.  My appreciation is without bounds.

David Jackman, Systems CAD  , Fire Boss Inc., DBA: Dragon Fire Systems





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